Drake Bird, is one of the most dangerous men on Earth. He is the leader of an elite drug cartel that has taken over the drug and gun market across Canada. But what makes Drake Bird so terrifying? Other than the rumours of him killing people that cross him with a poisonous taco, this would have to be the fact that there is no way on Earth for the police to ever put him away. On record he has never hurt anyone, not so much as a fly has been killed by his hand. Even if the police tried to arrest him he will always walk free no matter what. Everyone knows what he does, but no one can prove it. I managed to get an exclusive interview with Mr. Bird to ask him a couple questions about himself. Now keep in mind I was only able to ask very little and I was kept in a very dark room and could only see him for a matter of minutes.
Wilder: “So, why do you do what you do Mr. Bird?’
Bird: “Mr. Wilder, Ethan, if I may?”
Wilder: “That’s fine.”
Bird: “Ethan, I see myself as a visionary. I am preparing for what is to come, the future. Our laws and politics won’t last forever and I have just found a way that Me and my family can survive in our bleak, unforgiving futures.”
Wilder: “But surely there is a more ethical way of providing for your family.”
Bird: “Our world is a evil place my friend. Not many realize this and can adapt to that reality. I do not see what I do as a bad thing, but only as an adaptation. I have learned to adapt to the terrible world we live in and thrive doing so.”
Wilder: “I see. So this is all for your family, yes?”
Bird: “My family is the most important thing in the world to me. My father and mother neglected me as a child and I have sworn to never do the same to my children.”
Wilder: “Interesting, but what do your children think of when it comes to what you do?”
Bird: “I’m sorry Ethan, but I have answered enough of your questions and I’m afraid I have to go, I am a very busy man.”
So you can see just by some of his responses how he feels about what he does. He does not see partaking in illegal acts as a bad thing, but merely as a way to survive. This man is a force to be reckoned with. He is a ruthless man who would stop at nothing to get what he wants. The police have done all that they can to bring this man in and their efforts have been futile. It does not look like Drake Bird will be stopped any time soon.