Ethan Wilder

Creating worlds

Why complicate the physical world when I can do so in an imaginary one. Being able to take a glimpse into another dimension is something that I have always dreamed of. A universe similar or drastically different to our own that exists alternately to the world that we are familiar with. The discovery of Dimension-0 came out of a desire for exploration and adventure. Having been sent on a quest to document lifeforms and locations in this alternate universe in order capture the wonders of an alternate universe, I started to realize that Dimension-0 has become so much bigger than my own mind can comprehend. Likewise to our universe Dimension-0 is forever expanding. A universe that was once my own has now started to build on itself, continually growing with new lifeforms, place, things, that have yet to be found. Now I use my universe as a tool to explore and understand aspects of real life. I use my characters to understand aspects of human life and human attributes that I do not understand. So I bring real peoples attributes that I meet or come across on the street to inspire my characters and the places that they inhabit. Now what was once originally a desire for simple discovery has now become a task of taking these findings from our world and transforming them into works that flow and tell a story. I have become a part of something so much bigger than myself that it is no longer my job to simply create, but use this world to understand.